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This Natt family started in Cobham, Kent, England in the early 1700's.  Many generations worked in the Chatham dockyard.
Frederick Natt married Ruth Brooker from Higham in Kent had 12 children (2 dying in infancy).  Their two eldest sons William and Frederick sailed to Adelaide, Australia to start a new life in 1849.  The following year Frederick, Ruth and the remaining eight children sailed to Port Adelaide in Australia.  Their 13th child was born in Adelaide.
Thomas Natt married Eliza Rosetta Rayner from Hoo in Kent moved to Islington, London.
These are my paternal Great Grandparents.  Thomas Natt's son Thomas William Rayner Natt (my Grandfather) married Jenny Watkins, this family tree also covers the Watkins family.
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Leslie Gordon Whyman (1904 - 1967)
In 1941, Leslie was trained to examine unexploded bombs and missiles.  For his bravery of searching for bombs in the dark and saving many lives by evacuating people in one incident, he was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM).  Click Here to see the family page and more information.

Hon. Caroline Ruth Addison (1942 - ?)
Caroline is the daughter of Lord Michael Addison, 3rd Viscount Addison.  Click Here to see the family page and more information.

Rt. Rev. Douglas Albert Ford (1917 - 2007)
Bishop of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (1970 to 1981).  Click Here to see the family page and more information.
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